Comfortability is not the test of truth

Whether you realize it or not, you have your own life’s philosophy.

That philosophy is the force inside of you that drives and guides and dictates the way you think and act and interpret the world.

Your philosophy, however, doesn’t always sound perfectly reasonable to everyone. But unquestionably, you uphold it and live with it and comfortable with it.

Not until you meet people who seek out to impose their influence and authority and philosophy over you that you begin to question either his own reasoning or your own.

This offers two possibilities: either you cling to your own philosophy or adapt to the other person’s philosophy.

But it’s always tempting to cling to your own philosophy for one reason–you’re perfectly comfortable with it.

The thing is when you outrightly repel ideas and beliefs contrary to your own without giving it a moment of consideration, you missed the opportunity to put your philosophy to the “test of truth”.

Not because you are comfortable with your philosophy doesn’t mean you’re living in the folds of truth.

Before you dismiss any thought or an idea or a suggestion, first, give yourself a moment to consider it. Be more open-minded. There’s always something you can learn from everyone.

Next time, when your ideas and beliefs and actions are being challenged, it is best to remember that no one has the monopoly of truth. Not even you.

And this applies to your relationships, religious beliefs, business ideas, and your professional life.

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