The 5 people whose criticisms you should listen to

Critics are all around us. Regardless of what you do or don’t do, people will still find something to criticize about you.

Often, criticisms occur when you do something new and unconventional; it happens when you take bolder and bigger moves and when you take risks which you’ve not taken before.

The thing is no matter who you are, criticism is unavoidable. It is a part of life.

But to listen to every criticism about you, your thoughts and decisions, your work, and your actions without filtering them could yield devastating effects to your well-being and your career.

And just like all criticism, they could either “make” you or “break” you.

While you should care about what other people say about you, you shouldn’t, however, allow them to define or control you. If you let criticisms to take control of your actions, your thoughts, your choices and decisions, and the way you should conduct your life’s affairs, you would soon find yourself living the life they wanted for you and not the way you envision it for yourself.

The best is, you should have a list of those people whose criticisms you should value and consider listening to.

Personally, I don’t usually listen to criticisms thrown at me. Except, of course, the ctiticisms that are coming from these 5 groups of people.

1) Those who love and care for me;

2) Those I respect and look up to;

3) The one whom I’m working for;

4) People who knew my craft better than I do;

5) My own self.

Most of the time, these people criticize me only for good reasons and with the best intentions at heart. I know and I can feel it that when they criticize me or give me feedback, they don’t mean to put me down. At times, they will call a spade a spade no matter how cruel it may sound to me because they would rather let me hear the bitter truth than let me live and believe in a lie.

To be worthy of criticism means you’ve done something worthy of people’s attention and interest. But you shouldn’t seek criticisms for publicity’s sake. You should be criticized for the right reasons and for doing and standing what you think is right or for living out your own values and principles.

It is wise to listen to your critics and care what they’re saying about you. Yet, by no means, you should take what they say about you as your sole measure and guide on how you should live your life.

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