Becoming a pro

proEarlier this year, a car wash company was able to gain access to the parking areas of the building where I work. Primarily, they offer their services mostly to the employees to have their cars washed during office hours.

To the employees, it is very convenient. You don’t have to go out during break time or during office hours for your car to get washed. You don’t need to deal with the traffic and to worry about the hustle of driving down to the car wash station and then wait in the queue for a long time. And of course, you can now exclude the allotted time for a car wash from your weekend’s to-do list and spend the time instead with your family and friends, or to other important activities.

To these guys, the process is simple. All you need to do is to approach the guy stationed at the parking entrance or at the dining hall and provide him the plate number of your car, the level where it is parked, and your contact number. Then they’ll take care everything for you. Once it’s done, the supervisor will give you a call for the payment, and if you’re hooked up with work, he can even come to your floor to collect the amount and hand you the receipt. Thus, relieving you of the ordeal of waiting for the elevator that would take you down to the parking and then back up to your office.

For a couple times, I had them washed my car. And for a relatively low price, the quality of their work exceeded my expectation. It is even better compared to some car wash stations out there who charged more.

But that’s not what actually amuses me.

What caught my interest is the fact that they show up every day no matter what kind of weather the day has. Whether there is rain or sandstorm in the morning which most likely to continue till evening, just like in the past weeks, they’re always there at their stations waiting and ready to serve.

I’ve been asking myself in the past why do these people need to show up even on the day when the weather is pretty bad? Even when it looks pointless and it seems just a waste of money to have your car get cleaned upon arrival to the office only to get soaked again in the rain on your drive home after work?

I don’t know the business reason of it but my mind says they shouldn’t be there every single day. They shouldn’t come when the weather is bad. Not even on Saturdays when only one department in the whole building is officially working because all the rest is on vacation.

But then it dawned on me that that’s what professionalism is actually all about. Being a pro means showing up everyday to your workplace and do your thing regardless of the weather.

And perhaps, this kind of professionalism is exactly what you need in order to achieve your dreams and personal goals.

To turn dreams into a reality, you need to have the attitude of a professional. You have to work on your goal no matter what day it is without excuses. You’ve got to show up everyday in your workshop or at your desk and be fully committed to your craft, always prepared for the long and difficult haul. Because a pro works not to show off but because of his love and commitment to his craft.

A pro is someone who persists in the face of adversity. Someone who doesn’t take setbacks and failure personally. A pro welcomes feedback and criticisms but he doesn’t allow them to define his reality. He keeps showing up regardless of the weather, the season, the economy, etc., beating every odds that get along his way.

Further, a pro recognizes his own weaknesses and limitations but he constantly reinvents himself in order to cope up with the demands of his craft and his changing environment.

The thing is, becoming a pro is not based on qualifications but more of a result of an active and willful choice. It is, in fact, an attitude.

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