Who are you becoming?

We become what we repeatedly do. The things we spend time doing each day will become a part of who we are, no doubt.

old newIf you spend even a little time on the court every day practicing your shooting and ball handling, one day you will become a better basketball player. Or if you spend a little time in the water practicing your strokes and paddles each day, soon you’ll become a better swimmer. But if you spend even a little time complaining about everything, feeling defeated and sorry every day, that feeling and behavior will one day become a part of you. And if you spend time doing nothing every single day, soon you’ll end up being nothing.

Even the thoughts you think about, the books or magazines you read, the people you hang out with, the language you use, the pages you follow and subscribed to in social media, the movies and TV shows you watch, all would yield a tremendous influence in the way you act, the way you think, the way you feel, and to what you become.

The bridge the connects your now and your future-self depends largely on how, what, where, and whom you spend your time in between.

A small action repeated daily becomes a habit. A vice if it’s a bad habit. A virtue if it’s good. And every action, no matter how small and insignificant it is, if it’s repeated each day would mean a lot in the future.

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